Implantable brain-computer interfaces

Implantable brain-computer interfaces

Implantable brain-computer interfaces to improve functional independence in patients with severe paralysis.

Dr Sam John, Senior Lecturer – University of Melbourne
22 March 2021, 5 PM to 6 PM:  Recording available. See below.

Abstract: A Brain‐Computer Interface (BCI) is a device that can enable users to interact with computers or machines using their thoughts. This technology can be used to restore lost function such as movement and speech or to treat people with neurological and psychological conditions. However, reports to date have had a limited clinical translation. This talk will focus on the concept of a BCI, outline some challenges in the present implementation, the work needed for the standardisation of BCI research and the progress made in overcoming these challenges.

This talk is jointly organized by the IEEE University of Melbourne Student Branch and Victorian Section. 

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