Electrical safety

Electrical Safety Webinar Series

RIGEL offers Free Training Webinars running from 23rd July – 24th Sept 2020.

Over the next few weeks RIGEL will be hosting a series of webinars focusing on electrical safety testing. We will look at the test requirements, standards and terminology, and the test equipment you can use to test thoroughly and efficiently.

There are AM and PM sessions to accommodate for Biomedical professionals across the world.

Here are the sessions, all at 10AM and 7PM (BST)

  1. The Testing Requirements – 23rd July and 27th August (Click here to sign up)
  2. Standards and Terminology – 30th July and 10th September (Click here to sign up)
  3. The Rigel 288+ Safety Analyzer – 13th August and 24th September (Click here to sign up)

You will also have the chance to ask any questions you have during the webinar.