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Modifying Medical Devices In-house

Modifying Devices In-house – What do the Standards Say About That, and  Use of Non-OEM Parts in Repairs…… Yes, No……..Maybe !
Permitted modification of medical devices by a hospital biomedical engineer requested by a physician or surgeon is the subject of the February talk by Mike Flood, biomedical engineering consultant.

The SMBEVic is pleased to invite you to join us on Tuesday 27 February 2024 at 6.00PM on Zoom. Please register here.

The Physician and Surgeon may require something different to the medical device being used to treat a patient. The hospital biomedical engineering department is asked to help. Modifying medical devices can bring an individula under the regulations of medical device manufacturers, which involve strict quality, safety, and performance requirements. Failing to meet these regulations can result in significant fines and legal action. Is there an alternative path for the biomedical engineer?

Join us to hear what Mike and the other clinical engineers think of the TGA guidelines on modifying medical equipment in their hospitals.

Breaking News- Video of Mike Flood's talk in the Vision History

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SMBE NSW Biomedical Engineering Conference 2024


Presents the 33rd Annual
Biomedical Engineering Conference
“The Country Technicians’ Training Seminar”
Celebrating the Biomedical Engineering Team’s Contribution to
Advances in Healthcare over the Past 33 Years

The national SMBEs support the annual SMBE NSW BME Conference in rural NSW.
The program is varied from papers on cybersecurity for medical devices (including a workshop) to the use of the correct cleaning materials for patient monitors. The conference is strongly supported by the commercial sector with all the latest technology on display.

Join the SMBE NSW in Port Macquarie. Get the Brochure and Registration Form below.
24th to 27th March 2024 at Panthers Port Macquarie
1 Bay Street Port Macqu
arie NSW 2444

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See the History of the SMBEVic on the Screen

New Directory of SMBEVic Vision and re-mastered vision for iPad in mp4 2007-2010 now available for viewing

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