Electrical safety

Electrical Safety Webinar Series

RIGEL offers Free Training Webinars running from 23rd July – 24th Sept 2020.

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Hospital heroes

Hospital heroes: being a biomedical engineer during COVID-19

Read how Dr Rebecca Bailey and the Royal Melbourne Hospital cope with the COVID-19 pandemic in biomedical engineering.

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Hospital form

AMIA’s COVID-19 Webinar Series

Topic: Rapid Design and Implementation of an Integrated Patient Self-Triage and Self-Scheduling Tool for COVID-19

Time: 11 June 2020, 3:00pm EST (12 June 2020 5:00am AEST)

The American Medical Informatics Association is presenting a Webinar.

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Biochemical tests

2020 IFMBE CED Webinar

Topic: Partnering with Clinicians: Supporting Clinical Caregivers by Using Reliable Health Technology

Time: 10 June 2020, 11:00am EST, (11 June 2020 1:00am AEST)

The Clinical Engineering Division of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering is presenting the next in the Webinar Series for 2020.

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A Prediction of the Global Crisis Effect by Engineers Australia

EA report an ‘eerie’ prediction of Australia's vulnerabilities in a global crisis

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